How far Russia will still go to rewrite the history of Karelia

Ever since Peter the Great built his city–St Petersburg/Leningrad-on a swampy piece of land where the Neva flows into the Gulf of FInland, where in his words “only a few Finnish peasants were living”, the Russians, tsarist and communist alike, have been trying to rewrite the history of the area. During the Stalinist era many of the native Karelian Finns/East Karelians/Ingrians were killed, deported, sent to gulags, worked to death. The Karelian movement for independence and the movement to join ethnically kindred Finns have been systematically and brutally suppressed.  Can’t believe they’re still at it with this outlandish flag controversy, calling the regional flag the Karelians wish to adopt as an Irish forgery. The Karelians and the Irish have nothing to do with each other. The Otava constellation symbol comes straight from Finnish/Karelian mythology, the world-famous epic poem, Kalevala.  It is as Karelian as can be.EastKarelianflag


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