Ulla Jordan Talks about “Lost Ground” – interview with IndieReader

Here is an interview I did with IndieReader about the writing of ‘Lost Ground’:

The eyes of the world are on Finland in November 1939, as its Winter War with Russia turns into a classic David and Goliath struggle.

Source: Ulla Jordan Talks about “Lost Ground”

Moscow continues to threaten the survival of small Finno-Ugric groups

The policy of Russification is still strongly in place when it comes to Moscow’s dealings with its small Finno-Ugric ethnic groups, says an Estonian deputy.  Finns can identify with this. Under the rule of the tsars, several attempts were made to ‘russify’ FInland, with minimal success. Estonians experienced the worst of Russian policies regarding displacement and exile of their people and language and the influx of Russians to replace them, during the Soviet years. These dangers still exist for the smaller Finno-Ugric ethnic groups within Russia today, many of whom are already witnessing the extinction of their language and culture. Under the Putin regime this process seems to be accelerating.