Is Russia planning to repeat its Finnish Winter War strategy in the Ukraine?

Is Russia preparing to use the same strategy in the Ukraine that the Soviet Union used in the 1939-40 Winter War in Finland? A noted Israeli analyst believes so and that the first steps are already being taken.

Avraam Shmulyevich presents this theory in Tallinn’s Postimees newspaper. Citing the recent proclamation by Moscow’s agents in Ukraine of plans to establish the state of Malorossiya, he sees parallels with tactics against Finland in the Winter War.



Americans for Finland

When the Soviet Union attacked Finland in November 1939, one of its first actions was to set up a puppet regime across the Finnish border.  Stalin claimed that a communist uprising against ‘the Whites’ had occurred in Finland and set up a regime called ‘the Finnish Democratic Republic,’ headed by exiled Finnish communist Otto Kuusinen.  This republic, like Malorossiya, was based in Finnish territory seized by Soviet forces. In order to assist ‘our Finnish brothers,’ the Red Army launched an attack along the entire Finnish border from the Gulf of Finland to the Arctic Ocean on November 30.

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