Lost Ground

Lost Ground is a new novel by Ulla Jordan.

The eyes of the world are on Finland in November 1939, as its Winter War with Russia turns into a classic David and Goliath struggle. When Tom Henderson, a North American journalist, goes to Finland to cover the war he has no idea how far the assignment will take him. His relationships with Tina, a young Finnish woman, and Paul, her fiancé fighting at the front, escalate quickly and change all their lives. Tina must examine her priorities and emotions, and Tom’s journey takes him from the Berlin Olympics through wartime Helsinki to a place he had long since lost–his own heart. The backdrop for these stories is a tiny nation’s struggle for survival against massive odds.

The Winter War carries an almost legendary status with Finns, although elsewhere it has been overshadowed by the subsequent events of World War II. At the time, Finland had the world’s attention. Foreign correspondents converged on Helsinki, most taking up quarters at the famous Hotel Kämp. Lost Ground offers a glimpse of the action there.

When he arrives in Finland, Tom renews his friendships with Tina and Paul, whom he had met at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. All three struggle to find love and redefine their lives in the crucible of a brutal arctic war.

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4 thoughts on “Lost Ground

  1. Lost Ground by Ulla Jordan was a great read. The book is wonderfully written and holds the readers interest to the end.
    The story mainly of three interesting characters and their varied experiences provoke heartfelt thought, intrigue and images of person, time and place in wartime Finland.


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